Our commitments


Committed to a sustainable economic approach, the ARFITEC Group is constantly combatting built-in obsolescence thanks to continuous upgrades to its products. The first products marketed in 1998 are still in operation on our clients’ premises. We pay particular attention to these evolving over time while ensuring optimum operation. Our products carry a lifetime guarantee within the framework of taking out a maintenance contract.

Preserving resources and protecting the environment have been central to the ARFITEC Group for over 20 years.

The products we design allow for protecting people and their environment. Our solutions contribute to improving the comfort and well-being of citizens, adding value to fresh produce, reducing food waste and reducing energy consumption, saving our planet’s resources and living in a more pleasant atmosphere in the workplace or in public spaces.

In the aim of broadcasting our actions, we began a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach in 2011. This approach, rewarded on multiple occasions, demonstrates to all the Group’s stakeholders that we consider our impact on the environment, on society and on the economy, and this regardless of the country in which we market our solutions.

Employees, suppliers, partners, clients or consumers, the Group’s CSR policy provides true well-being for people while ensuring sustainable and balanced growth.

CSR is an approach to improve the company. As a result, it affects absolutely all of the latter’s departments. It is as much a technological revolution as it is a financial one. But above all, it is a revolution in the way we think, because CSR is in no way incompatible with the growth of a company. CSR has also allowed for reinventing our company.
- Benoît Rey, CEO



We place people and the environment at the heart of our development, in order to contribute to guaranteeing the quality and freshness of fresh produce and the performance of spaces, a source of health, pleasure and well-being for people.


Every employee contributes to the Group’s CSR through participative innovation, autonomy in their work and benefits from this within the framework of our well-being in the workplace programme. We have implemented a career development plan, a profit-sharing and participation plan, and are ceaselessly improving their working conditions.


We have reduced the use of fossil fuels by 35% in 3 years. We have made the choice to regularly renew our vehicle fleet while reconciling safety, comfort and low consumption. We are developing digital solutions that allow us to optimize our teams’ travel and intervene on our equipment remotely.


The premises we have built comply with environmental standards, above and beyond the regulatory aspects. Smartgrids, rainwater recuperation, energy performance, etc., allow us to combine comfort and environmental quality. Our buildings are “low-energy”. We also recuperate rainwater. Furthermore, the air conditioning/heating and lights are controlled in accordance with the level of occupation within the premises.


We are developing more and more eco-design products in order to reduce the amount of materials while complying strictly with the most stringent standards (CE, UL, NSF, Watermark, etc.) and reducing water and electricity consumption to the strict minimum. We back this up by guaranteeing our products for life within the framework of our maintenance contracts.


We add new value to products at the end of their life (circular economy): we apply the principles of collection, waste sorting and component recycling to our activities. All our products are standardized in order to comply with the requirements in each country. Lastly, we have constructed new economic models based on use so as to reduce environmental impact.


Anxious to best meet the needs of our clients, we have implemented project co-creation. We are also opening a channel to new economic models in order to offer efficient products that improve our clients’ performances (CSR). By including them as of the design, our R&D teams allow them to design effective solutions that improve our clients’ CSR performance.

Purchases / Production

We are developing the French and local economy. 90% of our industrial purchases are therefore made in France, of which 67% in the Alpes-Maritimes, while taking CSR criteria into consideration when selecting our suppliers.

In combining all these criteria and considering the expectations of all parties involved in the life of the company (clients, employees, shareholders, suppliers, public authorities, the political world, civil society), the ARFITEC Group thus achieves it economic objectives over a long-term vision of its development that protects its environment.