Focused on innovation, ARECO is the Expert and World Leader in personalized and intelligent solutions that allow food stores to better promote and improve the management of their fresh counters.

ARECO is a French company, specializing in the performance of fresh food produce counters, serving the fight against food waste, promoting better eating and protecting the environment.

ARECO offers a wide range of tailor-made solutions and services (nebulization, refrigerated plates, Fresh Herb module, remote maintenance, etc.) to play an active role developing the consumption of fresh produce. The company designs, manufactures, markets, installs and maintains all its products.

Present on all fresh counters (fruit and vegetables, meat, seafood, non-packaged cheese), ARECO wants to promote healthy eating for the masses while reducing waste.

Areco joined the major “Act to eat better” cause in 2019.

B.R.O. is a French company pioneering the design and distribution of humidification systems. The company offers solutions suited to food stores: from hypermarkets to corner shops.

The B.R.O. nebulization and fogging solutions for fresh counters are used on fruit and vegetable, fish and traditional butchery counters.

B.R.O. is THE reference brand in fresh produce humidification systems, acknowledged as being accessible, simple, reliable and easy to install.


B.R.O. is the Specialist in “turnkey” humidification solutions accessible to most food stores.



LIDIT is a commercial brand that combines ARECO and B.R.O.’s know-how in industrial fields, in relation to humidification, biodecontamination and the diffusion of all types of liquid, in every sector of activity outside of food stores.

The LIDIT brand includes the ranges of fogging and nebulization solutions that serve space performance. Our product range allows for diffusing all types of liquid (water, perfume, biocide, etc.), which allows us to address a wide customer base: collectivities, industry, cafes, hotels, restaurants, the food processing industry, and laboratories.

Adjusting humidity, lowering the temperature, reducing dust or even the biodecontamination of surfaces: LIDIT nebulization and fogging solutions are particularly effective in order to respond to every requirement. LIDIT products are tailor-made systems, which allow us to provide a solution suited to every type of configuration and need.