Involved at a local, regional and national level, the ARFITEC Group is a member of several networks and associations.

Economy of functionality, CSR, promoting entrepreneurship, promoting better eating, protecting the environment: the ARFITEC group is committed to the societal challenges of today and tomorrow.


A network that promotes and assists the development of sustainable economic models in companies so that we can find a way to ever better economic efficiency

Réseau entreprendre

Crucial to the life of the ecosystem, this network allows for exchanging ideas and practices with other entrepreneurs.

BPI Excellence

An entrepreneurial social network that allows for speeding up the development of the Group and its subsidiaries

Communauté Cèdre

Regional CSR programme

A civic platform with the mission to engage civilian society in its positive transformation


The APPIM is the Association des Partenaires pour la Promotion de l’Industrie Méditerranéenne (Association of Partners for the Promotion of Mediterranean Industry). Its purpose is the development and integrating of industry in the regional economy.

Club des Entrepreneurs du Pays de Grasse

The Club des Entrepreneurs du Pays de Grasse groups together companies from the Grasse basin that wish to act jointly for overall better living.